April 19, 2004

Prayer After a Day on the Camino

Our Father, God our brother,
who has shared my road since I was born,
I want to put in your hands what I have lived
to pick it up again tomorrow
filled with feelings.

From the child I was until what I am today,
from that first love that awoke life in me,
that long ago youth that struggled for a thousand true causes,
all the poems that I wrote full of promises
convinced that I had been born for a special reason,
and all the broken dreams that made me grow,
even without being aware of it, until becoming me.

Everything I have from you, oh God,
from the first certainty of the divinity
that we carry within and which encourages us
until the last encounter with you today, at each step of the
road that you have led me to.
Each stretch of road, each day of my life,
you have taught me that to love is also to suffer,
that to dream is to also struggle,
that to walk is also to search,
it is not time that one spends;
it is our life that we must spend.

And it does not matter that my name or my work remain
or the backwater of my memory of someone
if my life is filled with your LIFE;
the rest that you will give me is over and above.

Show me your roads, Lord,
And make me a searcher because I want to find you.

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