February 16, 2004

Leon: The Prayer of Praise

The last large city before Compostela offers you multiple opportunities: the cathedral, San Isidro, San Marcos…After visiting and praying in these places, go to the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Carbajal to join in the prayers of the nuns. You will participate, in a way, in their monastic condition from your condition as a pilgrim.

The Camino has shown you many memories of monks and nuns. Today, there remain only on a few monasteries where the perennial work of divine praise continues. What do these men and women do? They praise God for giving us each day the condition of being Children in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Only through this personal and divine contact of prayer and praise can humans reach their authentic and definitive destination. You, as a pilgrim, are also moving toward that goal.

Join in with this community of nuns that have left everything else behind for the only necessary thing. Emulate their gestures, repeat their words, embrace their feelings, participate in their jubilant faith, and when you walk again, use your time to praise that which is offering you so much during these days.

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