January 13, 2004


The Camino de Santiago offers today’s pilgrims an atmosphere of kindness and human compassion that many find surprising. This is due in large part to many people who voluntarily and generously contribute through their efforts, to make the Camino easier and more attractive. Some of these people can be seen welcoming pilgrims in the refuges, taking care of a pilgrim’s blisters, explaining monuments, or offering a glass of water. Others are not seen, but are there in some other way: those that made the paths, those that built the churches, those that worked in the construction of the refuges, those who planted trees, those who cleaned the streets and the paths. Others are hidden, but silently accompany the pilgrims; they are the ones who painted the arrows or that made the guidebooks that show the way. There have been and continue to be many volunteers who help with the pilgrims’ Camino.

That is why after the Camino many people decide to return part of what they received and collaborate as volunteers to help out other pilgrims. If you want to do something similar, keep reading ...

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