January 30, 2004

Admire, Love, and Take Care of Nature

Remember that you are a small part of Creation; get into tune and harmony with it. Thank God for the many gifts He gives you.

Do you remember the marvelous landscapes on the Camino? Sometimes they were so different from one another, but all brought an experience that resembled our inner journey. When you return home, do not forget that. We must accept nature as it is and how it comes to us. We must admire it in both its smallness and largeness. We must learn to live in harmony with something that is larger than us, but which we enjoy with happiness and the understanding of the faith with which God has placed nature before us to love and care for. When you take a walk in the countryside, remember that you are a small part of Creation. Get in tune and harmony with it like when you were on the Camino. Thank God for the many gifts He gives you. If you want to do something more, take along a bag and pick up the trash you find on your walk until the bag is full. Then, throw it in a trashcan. You have done something, even though it seems like a little. You have helped improve the environment.

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