February 12, 2004

Where Do I Go Every Day?

Wherever you can. Be calm, very calm. You can plan the stages nicely at home and, with the book open, you can follow all the little sections that you want on the map. But then, the Camino puts us in our place.

Some advice on planning the stages: Try to walk without hurrying. Do not plan long stages. A good day’s journey is about 25 kilometers, more or less, but you do not have to walk the same amount of kilometers every day because the amount will vary according to the difficulty of the stage or how you feel each day. In the first stages it is a good idea to walk shorter distances of around 20 kilometers and later on some days of a maximum of 30 kilometers. Although you think you can do more, you will pay for it if you overdo it. You need a week of well managed stages to give your body time to get adjusted to the idea that this is for real, to increase distances as we get accustomed to the Camino.

Try to not end up at the end of the stages that are in all the guidebooks. There are other intermediary refuges that are very nice and you will find fewer people.

Even though we go with the planned stages, leave some space for surprises. We should not close ourselves off to what the Camino itself may provide, even though that means changing our plans.

Enjoy everything that you find along the Camino.

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