February 16, 2004

San Juan de Ortega

“The Holy Spirit will descend upon you and God’s power will rest upon you.” San Juan de Ortega, famous milestone on the Camino because of the spectacular ray of light that illuminates the capital on the Incarnation of Our Lord twice a year. The ray of light symbolizes the Spirit, the Divine Light that allows us to enter the sacred dimension of all that has been created. It shows us our own state as children of God if we welcome it as Mary did when she said, “Yes.” Your pilgrimage cannot be reduced to a series of kilometers. Only the Spirit will help you understand its mystery which the senses cannot grasp. You need the light of the Spirit: the light will help you contemplate the ultimate reality of your Camino just like sunlight lets you see so much beauty that surrounds you.

Enter the Romanesque church of San Juan de Ortega at dusk and look at the capital of the Annunciation. Dedicate this prayer to God, your Father:

Lord, you who have desired that the Word be made flesh in the Virgin Mary’s womb, grant us in your goodness that we who confess in our Redeemer as God, and as a true man, may make ourselves like Him in His divine nature. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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