April 19, 2004

First Stage: Any Day

He who would take off the masks and be, simply. With nothing more, just as we are, like animals, or the sun, or almond trees.

That useless desire to always be first! The constant displeasure of living outwardly. That absurd life where you barely matter and you do not know if you are living or if others are directing your life because since you were little they place a name on you, goals, social status and you end up not knowing who you are, what you really want, or if there is someone out there who is not lying to you…

…it would be beautiful to have the bravery to walk around with no clothes, free and happy like the wind with no more wealth than your own being and our daily bread.

…and if that Other exists, that fountain of happiness where you can drink endlessly instead of those sad little sips of happiness, how will Francisco Bernardone be content to be a firefly when he could be a star?

(Francis of Assisi, the Good Person)

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